Trail Running in Autumn

I can’t believe it’s just over three weeks since I ran my Half Marathon.  Since that rewarding day, I’ve continued running and both myself and my partner have signed up to more running events which we’re currently trying to train for.

Waking up to a gloriously sunny Autumn day last weekend – the perfect conditions for a run!

We’re very fortunate that we live a five minute walk away from a beautiful trail in Dorset, known as the Castleman Trailway.  The trail extends just over 16 miles and runs alongside a defunct railway line; you get to run through protected healthland, rivers and forests.  It’s a stunning place to walk your dog, cycle or run and it’s our go-to place when we get out for a run too.

Autumn leaves, nothing quite like them!

Although road races can also be beautiful (just look at the photos from my Bournemouth Half), there’s something about the beauty and connection to nature that you can’t really get anywhere but on a trail run.  Also, trails are kinder to your muscles and bones than pounding pavement so there’s that benefit too.  Recently, Joe and I have signed up to a trail half marathon for early 2019 with WhiteStar Running and from what we can tell, it’s going to be a hilly course! So last weekend, we set out to try and map a training route that would be slightly more challenging than our usual trail runs and hopefully prepare us for the terrain of our WhiteStar race.  As we were plotting and mapping, I took the opportunity to get some beautiful snaps of the autumn colours and of this very beautiful trail that we’re lucky to have so close to us.

Heathland along the trail.

IMG_20181013_151220_630WhatsApp Image 2018-10-28 at 11.00.10 (2)

Remnants of the old railway line are visible everywhere.

One of my favourite things about this trail is how diverse it is. As I mentioned, it runs along an old railway line but it also intersects through nature reserves, parks, a golf club, woodland and much more.  It’s honestly a beautiful place to run.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-28 at 11.00.10 (1)IMG_20181013_151310_613IMG_20181013_142744_510IMG_20181013_151433_531

I know a lot of very active people who can’t stand the thought of running. “It’s so dull,” they surmise.  Granted, a treadmill might leave you at your wits end after twenty minutes but out here, amidst all this – how could you bored?  You could be out of breath. Yes, that can definitely happen and then you’ll need to stop. Maybe nurse that stitch. Maybe gulp your water a little too fast and almost choke. Perhaps then you spend the rest of your time limp/walking home whilst also aggressively hiccuping… buuuuut you get to do it here, among all this!  It’s worth it.

IMG_20181013_151850_307 - CopyIMG_20181013_151529_783 - CopyIMG_20181013_151620_450 - CopyIMG_20181013_151704_194 - CopyIMG_20181013_151747_435

Eventually, we managed to plan out a running route that would give us some decent elevation gains – just trying to walk/jog along parts of it was quite challenging so if we can conquer it, we should be decently prepared for our trail half marathon.


More so than anything else, it’s just beyond rejuvenating to be out in nature – whether you’re running, walking or sitting on a bench in a park.


5 thoughts on “Trail Running in Autumn

  1. That looks a fab place to run along. I live near a canal and love running along there but with the darker mornings I’m doing more road running. Definitely miss trail running and along the canal. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous autumn colours too!
    Nina x


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