Warming Up At The Quay Café

What do you do when the days get shorter and colder?  You try and get out for walks and fresh air – and then you reward yourself with a tasty treat of course!  Poole Quay is always a favourite haunt of ours for a wander and luckily for us, it’s filled with shops and restaurants just dying to feed us!

Shipping containers in Poole Quay20180623_152235Boats in Poole HabourBoat in Poole Habour

Posing up a storm with… eyes wide shut.

When we first moved to Dorset, we did live in Poole Quay and we were truly spoilt with a stunning view of the harbour as well as being in close proximity to a number of great restaurants and cafés. A place that really lured us in was The Quay Café .

Located smack-bang in the middle of the Harbour, you can sit inside with a hot drink and witness the bustle of activity on the water. Poole Quay is a busy little place, with boats and ships of all sizes coming and going. It can be quite therapeutic to just sit and watch the world go by… quite literally!

The Cafe seems so unassuming but inside, you’re greeted with a stylish, modern vibe. With an electric fire, books and a chess board, the little snug section is as cosy as can be.

Cosy snug inside The Quay Cafe

The perfect place to sit and sip some hot chocolates (so good I photographed them twice, you’re welcome).Hot chocolates in Poole Quay16521526_10155001822337265_1380080191_n

And indulge in some warm food… my take on ‘healthy eating’ is ordering a salad with something naughty. Logic does not live here!

CHIPS!An exotic looking mango salad.

The Quay itself is a beautiful place to have a wander in as just behind the Quay, you have Poole Old Town.  Lined with gorgeous cottages and a beautiful church, it’s a lovely place to just escape the hustle and bustle of a busy town centre.

Poole Old Town20180130_145346The church at Poole Old Town20180623_151539

Even though we don’t live right in the middle of all this anymore, it’s always lovely to come back to.



12 thoughts on “Warming Up At The Quay Café

    1. I also love Poole Quay, I have hundreds of photos of our time spent there- it was hard to pick photos from a specific day for this post to be honest! Also, of course you can add this to your post 🙂 I’m not on Facebook (yet) but my twitter is @mariakaned 🙂


  1. Yes, Poole deserves to be explored. We had a long foggy early morning walk round Baiter Park, with Bar Fleur sounding her fog horn as she set off for France – we could not see her, whicjh added to the atmosphere. The sun came out later and we visited the museum and also the restaurant at the Lifeboat college, another great waterside spot.

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