The Blogtober Adventure Begins…

If you’ve taken a look around my blog, you’ll have realised from the barrenness of the landscape that I am either: a) a very new blogger or b) a very lazy blogger.  Plot twist: I am actually both!

Truth be told, I have always been an avid reader and an equally enthusiastic creative writer but in recent years, those pursuits have dwindled.  Moving around, training up and getting educated in my career and general ‘adult life things’ have run their fair share of interference with my creative passions.  Recently, I really started to miss this part of my life and decided I would start reading more consistently again (as illustrated by my ever bulging GoodReads list) and that I would start to write again through a blog – and thus, The Southerner Blogs was born!

So, now I am in the position where I am slowly getting acclimated to writing more regularly again but often finding myself doing that thing where you have really grand designs about an incredible blog post featuring an amazing day out/travel destination/event/book but that’s all it remains. A grand freaking design worth of Kevin McCloud’s praise when he sees the blueprints of my mega-mansion but equally worthy of his scorn when he returns a year later to find that all I’ve done is build one small brick wall. Well, no more!  Blogtober is here to save me from my ennui!

What is Blogtober?  Every October, bloggers from far and wide commit to posting a blog a day. Sometimes, a group of bloggers might work together to write about a pre-chosen theme for each day of October (an example is here). I’m going to keep things flexible myself and sometimes, I might use prompts too.

What’s the point?We all have our own varying reasons for getting involved but generally, it’s a month to give readers daily, consistent content and a month to give ourselves a kick up the backside with our content creating abilities.

Why are you doing Blogtober?  For myself personally, I have a lot of blog posts planned about adventures and issues I’ve encountered throughout 2018.  I think Blogtober is going to be a fantastic opportunity to share all of that with everyone.

How can I get involved? Just start posting!  Link up with other bloggers who are also participating.  There’s a Blogtober 2018 Facebook group to find and meet others who are taking part.  The best part of Blogtober is the community support you can get to help you through this exciting challenge.  If you’re new to blogging like I am, it’s also a fantastic way to meet new people.

So who are you linked up with? These wonderful bloggers:

Tea and Cake for the Soul – A Lifestyle Blog – Living up to its name and covering a wide range of subjects, from days out to mental wellbeing – this is a blog most people will find insightful.  I’ve already made my way down the ‘health’ posts and am really looking forward to seeing what posts come up for Blogtober!

The Mum Diaries – 3 Boys, A Husband & A House – Jaymee has one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs I’ve come across in a long time! From reviews, to family and cooking – there’s a lot to take away from her posts.

Kristine’s Blog – A Mum Reviews Parenting, Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle – Kristine writes about such a wide-range of subjects, from identifying tooth decay to exercising when you’ve got your children around. If you visit her blog, be prepared to stick around for a while because you’ll constantly be coming across blog posts about subjects that interest you.

The Newhouse Family Blog – Incredibly aspirational blog about a family living as sustainably as possible.  I’m really excited to see their content this month because from the posts I’ve looked at so far, I’ve already picked up a few tips about living more eco-friendly.

Toy Infinity – Be careful with this blog! It doesn’t matter what age you are – you will get sucked into the absolutely superb toy reviews.  Visiting her blog is a nostalgia-inducing experience whether you have children or not.  So whether you’re looking to shop for a little one or you just want some escapism, I’d recommend a flick through this blog. Very excited to see the content she will be posting this month.

If you’re currently taking part in Blogtober and I haven’t listed you in my blog, please drop me a comment.  My mission is to read everyone’s blogs as regularly as possible.  I am really looking forward to linking up with new bloggers and finding new blogs to follow.




16 thoughts on “The Blogtober Adventure Begins…

  1. New to blogging and first Blogtober to survive. New to YOUR blog as well; I live in the sticks of rural Indiana, trying a watered down homesteading path, owner/raiser/lover of ducks. Hobbies include beauty (and obssess about proving to others that something being expensive does NOT guarantee quality.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Blogtober posts!

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    1. Hi Heather! Welcome to my blog. I think we are in the same boat – new to blogging, new to Blogtober and also we both live in quite rural areas (although I’m not as out in the sticks as you are). Really looking forward to your posts too!


  2. Welcome to Blogtober, so glad you have decided to join us and hopefully it will help you get into the habit of regular posting on your blog, as well as being supported by lots of fabulous bloggers x

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