A full moon over Canford Cliffs beach

Embracing Autumn at the Beach

The inevitable has happened. Temperatures have dropped. Days have shortened. Instagram is filled with pumpkin patch photoshoots (they’re not fully grown until October, how are you people doing this?!) People suddenly feel it’s safe to start talking about their Christmas plans (it’s not, go away). Yes, Autumn is officially here.

549d8f85-43d4-4186-9ac4-a581d52f91a9.jpgAn almost-full moon over Canford Cliffs.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of the old summer to autumn transition. I know a lot of people struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder and also find it difficult to manage so I’m guessing there’s at least one person reading this who can relate.  Let’s face it: it’s harder to get motivated when you’re cold. It’s harder to feel energetic when daylight hours start to reduce.  It becomes easier to take comfort in food, cosy socks and Netflix binges.  I see nothing wrong with any of that – but I do want to retain some balance as winter looms.  I know that like most people, I feel better when I’m active and you know, my body is usually quite thankful for it.  So, this autumn, I have vowed not to become a hermit and to try and not use the weather as an excuse to be a shut-in.  After all, if you live in the UK and you let the weather dictate your plans, you could end up doing nothing for a long time!

A very stormy sunset with heavy winds at Canford Cliff beach.Walking along Canford Cliffs promenadeDriving home along Sandbanks

One way I’ve tried to be more optimistic about the changing seasons is to try to appreciate the natural beauty of autumn (and eventually, winter) – and what better place to do this than at our local beach.  If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know Canford Cliffs is a favourite haunt of ours.

A full moon over the waves at Canford Cliffs beach7782193b-77d5-4009-9dad-8df5830b6a71

In the last few days, we’ve visited the beach a few times and each time, the weather has been so different. We went from 46 mile an hour winds thanks to the hurricane overseas to a calm, clear night where an almost-full moon set a romantic backdrop for our walk.  Whatever the weather, we had a laugh (and on the day of severely strong winds, such laughter led to lungs filled with sand. Totally worth it).

Photography at the beachCrashing waves at Canford Cliffs beachA full moon over Canford Cliffs beachA full moon over Canford Cliffs beachPosing with the moon

All in all, I think this autumn business might not be so bad this year. I think there’s a quote out there about embracing what you fear. I think that quote does have some smallprint that excludes bears from that philosophy. Either way, I think I get what they were on about and I think I’m on board.  How about you? How do you approach the end of the summer?






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